About the Game:

Welcome to TicTicTacToe, the renovated game based on traditional “Tic-Tac-Toe”.

The game grid is extended to 4x4 squares, and we have 4 playing modes!:

Winner should score 3 rounds to win the game, two players, and hours of fun :)

the Game Rules:

TicTicTacToe is 4 in 1 game!

tic is putting one mark on an empty square

tac is capturing square by tic the other side

supertac is capturing 3 squares by one tic!

in Four Toes, win by make any 4 adjacent tics

in No Toes, win by not having any 4 adjacent tics

in Tic Tac, win by have the most tics

in Koe Toes, win by 4 Tcas, a Supertac or by 4 adjacent tics

Developed By: Samer Lulu
For any Comments: s@samerlulu.com

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